DropIn sinks, undermount sinks, double bowl sinks, outlets & accessories, cup sinks, specialty sinks, and a variety of troughs ensure a compete line of lab sink products.

Canadian Scientific Lab Systems is the premier distributor and installer of Durcon epoxy countertops, lab sinks, drying racks and balance tables in Canada

ct4_imageDurcon epoxy countertops, lab sinks, drying racks and balance tables are used in academic science rooms, research labs, product development & quality control labs and industrial operations. Canadian Scientific is a top distributor and supplier of Durcon products, in other words, your best option for laboratory building.

What are epoxy lab sinks?

The epoxy laboratory sinks by Durcon are molded monolithic epoxy resin. Durcon's unique process includes a special curing stage to ensure a complete chemical reaction throughout the material. This results in a uniform work surface of the highest quality. Consequently, epoxy resin lab sinks are the preferred choice for harsh laboratory, classroom and research environments. Additionally, our products have with characteristics such as chemical resistance, non-flammability, non-absorbency, vibration damping and above all, are easy to clean. Moreover, our lab sinks come in a variety of colour options that match all available epoxy Countertop colours. DropIn sinks, undermount sinks, double bowl sinks, outlets & accessories, cup sinks, specialty sinks, and a variety of troughs ensure a compete line of sink products available for your organization's needs and requirements.

CSi can help

Canadian Scientific will help you determine the correct epoxy lab sink for your application, offer design assistance and after-installation care & maintenance suggestions. Additionally, where requested, CSi Lab Systems will also use its experienced factory trained installation contractors to install your epoxy Countertops, sinks and other lab equipment to complete your projects on time and on budget. Likewise, where millwork contractors wish to install our epoxy, we provide detailed instructions, and tips for complicated installations.


DropIn Sinks are the new industry standard due to the ease of installation and the easy cleaning, safety and durability of the radiused interior and exterior edges. Double DropIn Sinks, shallow basin and graduated depth ADA DropIn Sinks are available to accommodate lab users with special needs and help conform to ADA guidelines.

Outlets & Accessories include Polypropylene sink outlets with strainers, Overflow tubes & strainer caps, and Sink stoppers.

Cup Sinks are Polypropylene and epoxy oval, rectangular and round cup sinks.

Undermount Sinks have been a tradition for over 40 years, and still requested for new and renovated academic science rooms. Bonded double undermount sinks are available by special request.

Specialty Sinks consist of Trifacia, End & Wall Sinks, Round & Elliptical Sinks.

DrainTops are specially designed for all epoxy end-run or in-line worksurfaces for advanced liquid control in sink areas. Features include integrally-molded raised-rib drain boards and a 1/4" [6mm] tall marine rim for large spill containment. DrainTop worksurfaces gently slope from the containment rim to the sink area for improved drainage. Drain board sections are curved raised ribs that facilitate glassware drying and improved cleanups. The sink area can be machined to accommodate all single or double DropIn Sinks and applicable fixtures. DrainTops can be used at the end of islands and peninsulas or wall elevations with available external lengths of 54" (1372mm), 60" (1524mm), 66" (1676mm) or 72" (1829mm) sections.

Troughs include DropIn Troughs, UnderMount Troughs, and Sectional Undermount Troughs.

Undermount lab sinks styles

Dropin lab sinks styles


CupsinksOutlets & Accessories
CS4R cutsheetSink FittingsU-OE

Drop-In Sinks

Bowl Inside Dimensions (in.)

CutsheetsADALengthWidthDepthOutlet LocationWeight (lbs)
A05 cutsheethandicap14105Corner18
A07 cutsheethandicap14145Corner24
AM25 cutsheethandicap18152.4Corner37
A25 cutsheethandicap18155Corner35
A26 cutsheethandicap181511-MayCorner39
A55 cutsheethandicap25154.8Corner47
D01C cutsheet965.9Center9
D03C cutsheet1285.8Center16
D05 cutsheet14106Corner22
D05C cutsheet14106Center24
D06C cutsheet121212Center34
D08 cutsheet1586Corner25
D09 cutsheet15810.5Corner25
D10C cutsheet1686.8Center22
D10E cutsheet1686.8End20
D15 cutsheet16128Corner30
D15C cutsheet16128Center31
D19 cutsheet16169.6Corner42
D20 cutsheet16167.5Corner32
D21 cutsheet161615Corner53
D22 cutsheet186.56Center30
D24 cutsheet181410.5Center30
D25 cutsheet18157.9Corner39
D30 cutsheet181510.8Corner58
D30C cutsheet181510.8Center50
D30D cutsheetDouble bowl37.41510.8Corner110
D32 cutsheet181515.1Corner49
D33 cutsheet211710.6Corner59
D33E cutsheet21179.8End59
D45 cutsheet21.515.511Corner61
D50 cutsheet21168.3Corner54
D50C cutsheet24168Center48
D51 cutsheet24169.6Corner60
D52 cutsheet241811Corner77
D54 cutsheet25158Corner45
D55 cutsheet251510Corner72
D57 cutsheet251513.6Corner71
D58 cutsheet251517.8Corner79
D59 cutsheet281512Corner74
D61 cutsheet131617.8Corner94
D65C cutsheet35.519.59.8Center98
D68E cutsheet301610End120
D70C cutsheet241615.5Center77
D99 Prime31.5Semi-Circle10End61
DH20C Prime29.5Hexagon7Center65

ADA compliant sinks are designed for wheel chair accessible lower height Countertops
Outlets & accessories are ordered in addition to or separately

Undermount Sinks

Bowl Inside Dimensions (in.)

CutsheetsLengthWidthDepthOutlet LocationWeight (lbs)
U03C cutsheet1286Center17
U04C cutsheet1267Center18
U05E cutsheet14106End22
U05C cutsheet14106Center22
U08C cutsheet12128Center25
U10C cutsheet1687Center22
U10E cutsheet1687End22
U15C cutsheet16128Center34
U15E cutsheet16128End34
U20 cutsheet16167.5Corner39
U22C cutsheet186.56Center22
U23C cutsheet161612Center54
U24C cutsheet181410.5Center38
U25 cutsheet18158Corner40
U30 cutsheet181511Corner49
U30C cutsheet181511Center49
U33C cutsheet211710Center64
U33E cutsheet211710End64
U35E cutsheet211810End61
U40 cutsheet21.315.57Corner47
U43C cutsheet22.510.57.4Center35
U45 cutsheet21.515.511Corner64
U49 cutsheet2214.510.6Corner68
U50C cutsheet24168Center54
U50E cutsheet24168End54
U51E cutsheet241610End59
U52E cutsheet23.617.610.8End77
U53E cutsheet24.418.416.8End85
U54 cutsheet232119.1Corner95
U55 cutsheet251510Corner60
U56C cutsheet161212Center76
U58E cutsheet27.814.88End56
U59E cutsheet281512End65
U60E cutsheet28208.8End83
U61C cutsheet301818Center108
U63E cutsheet311710End75
U64C cutsheet31.321.312Center95
U65C cutsheet35.519.610Center100
U66C cutsheet35.719.712Center110
U67C cutsheet362016Center195
U71C cutsheet431511Center108
U72C cutsheet43.315.316Center179
U73 cutsheet382119.1Corner150
U75C cutsheet422010Center126
U81E cutsheet48.824.65.6End100

Double bowl under-mount sinks available by special request
Outlets & accessories are ordered in addition to or separately

epoxy Colours

Durcon epoxy Colours UPDATED

Grey, Graphite, Tan & Dark Khaki, 25% surcharge. Lunar White, 45% surcharge.