Made from thermally full-seam welded, stress-relieved, polypropylene, this casework is designed for trace labs requiring no metal exposure or where high acid exposure is encountered.

Polypropylene Laboratory Furniture

Canadian Scientific Lab Systems is Canada’s premier distributor and installers of custom made polypropylene laboratory casework and furniture systems used in a wide variety of applications including trace metal analysis, metallurgy, clean room applications, pathology, blood science, battery & acid production, electroplating, sewage treatment, solar energy equipment, food science and specialized labs where high resistance to corrosion is required.

Our polypro cabinets are available in dozens of different base and wall cabinet configurations.Poypropylene Lab Furniture IN PAGE

  • Inset or Overlay drawer and door styles
  • Base & wall cabinets
  • Full depth shelving adjustable every 1″
  • Full extension drawer slides
  • Double pan door and drawer construction
  • Metal free hinges
  • Panned up cabinet floors to contain spills

Options include custom configurations and specialized cabinets.

Laboratory Casework Configurations         CSi Metal Laboratory Casework Catalog 2014-7

    Lab Casework Configurations            CSi Casework Catalog