Standard and custom designed heavy duty cylinder racks of every configuration and size.

Cylinder Racks

Canadian Scientific Lab Systems is Canada’s premier distributor of custom-made metal cylinder racks to meet every laboratory requirement. Cylinder rack size and configurations can be discussed with us, to have our Canadian Scientific Team customize and work with you to create your lab.

Metal Cylinder Racking Systems2 cylinder rackGas Bottle

JT Racking System Features         JT-Racking-System-Rack-Configurator

         Racking System Features           Rack Configuration Sheet

Cylinder Rack 2D1W  Cylinder Rack 2D3W  Cylinder Rack 3D1W-R  Cylinder Rack-4D2W-Diagram

     Cylinder Rack Model 2D1W            Cylinder Rack Model 2D3W          Cylinder Rack Model 3D1W-R       Cylinder Rack Model 4D2W