Design, supply and installation of Durcon® epoxy and Greenstone Classic Tops, Marine Edge Tops, Octagon & Trifacia Work Station Tops, Classic Drain Tops. Epoxy sinks and accessories.

Durcon Epoxy Laboratory Work Surfaces

Canadian Scientific Lab Systems is Canada’s premier distributor and installers of Durcon® epoxy laboratory counter tops, sinks, drying racks and balance tables, used in academic science rooms, research labs, product development & quality control labs and industrial operations. Millwork shops, building contractors and private industry prefer Canadian Scientific to supply epoxy & phenolic products to complete their lab projects.

Durcon Epoxy IN PAGEDurcon® epoxy work surfaces are molded monolithic epoxy resin. The unique process includes a special curing stage that ensures a complete chemical reaction throughout the material resulting in a uniform work surface of the highest quality.

Durcon® Epoxy resin work surfaces are the preferred choice for harsh laboratory, classroom and research environments for critical areas such as chemical resistance, non-flammability, non-absorbency, vibration damping and cleanability. Color options, finished edging, marine surfaces for spill control, specialty shapes, drain board tops, drop-in and under-mount sinks, and chemical resistance accessories ensure a compete line of lab products. All counter tops are made to size with optional backsplashes, cut outs & drilling for sinks & fixtures, notches for columns and profiles, and drain board grooves.

Canadian Scientific Epoxy Worksurfaces are safe, durable, chemical resistant, non-absorbent, and non-flammable with no asbestos inert fillers, perfect for the harsh wear & tear of food, laboratory, classroom and research environments. The low-glare matte finish minimizes reflected light to ease eye strain and provide the greatest contrast and acuity for most research tasks. Our 5 additional signature colors feature matte finishes and comparable physical properties and chemical resistance to Black Onyx.


Greenstone_ClassicTop_-_210x229          DOUBLE_DROPIN_SINK_209x209_1            Greenstone_Marine_Edge_Countertop_-_210x229            Greenstone_Classic_DrainTop_-_210x229_1

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Durcon® Epoxy Countertops

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  Durcon® Edge Profiles           Durcon® Epoxy Resin Specs        Durcon® Epoxy Warranty       Epoxy Care & Maintenance

Epoxy Counter Top Edges

1/8″ Bevel with blended corners                                                   1/4″ Radius with blended corners
with underside drip groove                                                               with underside drip groove

Epoxy Thickness & Lengths

1″ (25mm) – Standard thickness used in almost all counter top applications
3/4″ (19mm) – Used mostly for back splashes, reagent shelves and other light duty applications
1-1/4″ (32mm) – Traditional thickness used mostly to match up existing older lab counter tops

Maximum “black onyx color” counter top piece size is 100″ long X 62″ wide. Please contact us for other colours.

Epoxy Colours

Durcon Epoxy Colours UPDATEDGrey, Graphite, Tan & Dark Khaki, 25% surcharge. Lunar White, 45% surcharge.