Cutting edge technology combining modern hood design and Neutrodine’s advanced filtration to achieve the highest level in safety and energy cost savings to your new or renovated laboratory.

Green Filtered Fume Hoods with Neutrodine® technology

GFH Green Solution filtered fume hoods place Canadian Scientific Lab Systems at the forefront of fume hood technology in Canada. Representing unprecedented safety in a fume hood with 96% less energy consumption than standard ducted hoods and with an operating cost that is 70% lower, businesses, high schools and higher education institutions that are looking to control costs will find high utility and great savings in the Green Solution fume hood.

McMaster University

Through its patented Neutrodine® chemical filtration system by Erlab®, this environmentally friendly fume hood uses molecular adsorption to handle fumes from acids, solvents, liquids, and even powders with the use of a HEPA filter accessory, together or individually, all under the same green fume hood. A software package provided with each GFH fume hood monitors the hood for filter absorption, and recommended filter changes.

The Green Solution Hood with Neutrodine® Technology enables customers to:

  • Add a fume hood without affecting building HVAC
  • Save energy while maintaining 60-100 fpm face velocity.
  • Cut energy costs by 96% and reduce operating costs by 70%.
  • Handle liquids and solids (including acids, bases, solvents and powders)—individually or together—with a single hood.
  • Virtually eliminate installation costs.
  • Operate safely without polluting and contaminating the environment.
  • Maintain productivity without changing the way lab technicians work.Determine your filter requirements and expected filter life by filling out our ValiQuest Chemical Questionnaire.
  • All hoods are constructed to include:
  • 360 degree viewing
  • All metal framing with a powder coated finish
  • Flush-mount airfoil/trough
  • Integral sash counterbalance
  • Epoxy top
  • Sliding pass-by sashes
  • Interior access to front mount plumbing fixtures
  • Front mount service fixtures and electrical fixtures
  • Full 28″ hood opening

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Erlab® Green Fume Hood Technology

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