Combining contemporary design, an extra high 36″ viewing area and low air flow, high performance energy efficiency characteristics, these hoods are the next generation for all lab activities.

High Performance Fume Hoods

Low energy consumption reduced face velocity bench top fume hoods for general chemistry applications available in standard and custom sizes with unlimited options and accessories contemporarily designed to meet increased energy conservation requirements with superior aerodynamic performance tested to meet low airflow ASHRAE 110 standards.

Solution Series Low Flow Fume HoodsHigh performance fume hood 2

Our high performance AMS® Solution Series of fume hoods come standard with all the same features as other bypass models, along with some contemporary design innovations to set this hood apart from its competitors.

Features of the Solution Series include:

  • 40-60% energy savings, accomplished without compromising performance or safety.
  • High-efficiency L.E.D. lighting with low maintenance costs.
  • Standard 30″ deep work surface for zero work space loss in your lab.

The HP hood is designed to operate economically while creating a safe work environment without compromising containment. Safely operating at only 60 FPM, air flow across the sash opening results in a 40% savings in fume hood operation costs.

  • Hoods are available from 36″ to 144″ widths with depths of 33″, 39″ and 45″ available as standard.
  • UL Listed FRP poly resin liner is standard with options for T304 and T316 applied stainless steel
  • CSA electrical components
  • General construction of each fume hood includes chemical resistant powder coated 16 gauge cold rolled external steel housing with a galvanized steel internal structure and fiberglass reinforced interior panels.

Options include epoxy or stainless steel tops & components, sash options, liner options, explosion proof components, alarms and every version of fume hood fixture that your laboratory activities require.

For more detailed specs, see our Fume Hood providers at Air Master Systems®

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