All purpose fume hoods designed to be modified and outfitted with liner and fixture options for all operations involving chemistry, solvent, particulate and acid digestion activities.

General Chemistry Fume Hoods

Bench top fume hoods for every general chemistry application available in standard and custom sizes with unlimited options and accessories designed to UL 1805 standards to meet demanding safety and energy conservation requirements with the latest in aerodynamic performance while manufactured and tested to meet or exceed all ASHRAE 110-1995 containment testing procedures.

100 Series Bench Mount Air Bypass Fume HoodDSC00708

  • Meets or exceeds all ASHRAE 110-1995 testing procedures
  • CSA certified and labeled
  • Fume hood widths from 3 feet to 8 feet wide with custom width, height and depths available
  • Full frame galvanized steel super structure with 5-1/4″ wide service space per side
  • Aerodynamic designed corner posts, upper bypass panel and air foil to ensure excellent airflow characteristics for increased energy savings under Canada Green Building LEED guidelines
  • Corner posts to accept any combination of optional electrical, plumbing or gas fixtures and air flow monitors and alarms.
  • Dished 1-1/4″ thick black epoxy counter top contoured for smooth airflow under theair foil
  • U.L. 723 listed class A fire rated 3/16″ white FRP fiberglass reinforcedpolyester interior panels with removable PVC gasket sealed interior service panels
  • Louvered upper panel for CAV air bypass operation (optional VAV configuration)
  • Removable electro statically epoxy powder coated ASTM A366 rated steel exterior panels
  • Fully framed sash with heavy gauge full width pull and 7/32″laminated safety glass
  • Self-leveling coated stainless steel sash cables with nylon pulleys
  • PVC sash tracks for smooth finger lift sash operation
  • Obstruction free heavy gauge ergonomic flush mounted air foil with cord / hose access
  • Pre-wired external roof mounted 2 lamp T-8 fluorescent light for full interior light coverage
  • 10″ round 20 gauge stainless steel exhaust collar
  • Extensive list of options available to meet any customer request
  • 14 color choices with duo-color options
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

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