Additional portable hoods, updraft/downdraft hoods, and canopy hoods. Fume hood Acid cabinets, flammable cabinets, standard base and sink cabinets, work station knee spaces with service compartments, metal tables and custom options designed to support ducted fume hoods.

Fume Hood Components, Hoods & Accessories

All Air Master Systems® fume hoods are available with unlimited optional components, a wide variety of acid and flammable storage base cabinets and applications for ADA requirements, workstation settings and custom designed installations.

Fume Hood Accessories and Optional Hoodsfume hood cabinets and bases

  • Flammable cabinets, vented acid cabinets, ADA fume hood support tables
  • Plumbing and electrical options
  • Alarms and air monitoring devices
  • Titration racks, automatic sash controls, VAV configurations and explosion / spark free components

For more detailed specs, see our Fume Hood providers at Air Master Systems®

AMS® Additional Hood Components

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Fume Hood Fixtures & Electrical

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Fume Hood Storage Cabinets

Specs Flammable Cabinets           Specs Base Cabinets            Specs Acid Cabinet            Acid Cabinets Iso

AMS® Flammable Cabinets              AMS® Base Cabinets                                           AMS® Acid Cabinets & Specs

Canadian Scientific supplies and installs Eagle® and Securall® solvent / acid / corrosive and flammable storage cabinets, in a wide variety of sizes to meet any need. Cabinets can be under counter, under fume hood or taller stand alone models. Storage capacities can range from 4 gal. (15 liter) to 60 gallon (227 liter). In addition, many of our safety cabinets can be made to match the color and construction characteristics of our laboratory metal casework and furnishings.

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