Flexible. Durable. Efficient.

Alsident® extraction arms and accessories help maximize safety in the laboratory by removing localized fumes and dust from workstations. Our extraction arms and accessories provide the additional benefits of easy maintenance and long lasting durability. Alsident® Extraction Arm Systems and accessories are used for a variety of applications including in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, and schools. Additional models are designed for anti-static or chemical resistance. Performance and Flexibility keystones of every Alsident® product. Models are easily installed near the source of contamination with ceiling, wall, and table mounted units. Every unit is backed up with 3rd party testing documented with ATEX / EX-Approvals, ESD-Approvals, pressure drop, sound tests and capture efficiency tests.

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Made With Your Facility In Mind.

With low air consumption and point of activity usage, our extraction arms will reduce your energy costs and provide a safe localized work environment. Models are available to provide long term durability for use with almost every chemical and particle contamination.

We’re here to help you achieve unparallelled efficiency and safety in your lab. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you obtain the best products for your specific lab applications.

Not sure which extraction arm system you require? Connect with us and our team of trained Quality Specialists will assist you in finding the best fume extraction system solutions for your laboratory.