Standard, specialized and custom designed fume hoods for every application.

Our ducted, filtered or workstation extraction systems and hoods are designed to meet the challenges of today's modern laboratories.

Canadian Scientific Lab Systems specializes in the consultation, supply and installation of ducted & filtered fume hoods, localized extraction systems with an extensive catalog of storage cabinets, hood bases and components, accessories and alarms.

To date, we have over 5,000 hoods in operation in Canadian academic, research, healthcare, industrial and commercial laboratories. CSi Lab Systems and our manufacturing partners at AMS®, Erlab® and Alsident® combine the latest technological innovations and environmental integrity to bring you top of the line performance and quality. With safety as our number one priority, our fume hoods are designed, manufactured and installed with the strictest adherence to industry requirements.

Canadian Scientific warrants the materials and workmanship of its products for five years, with unsurpassed service installation and set up of your fume hood or fume extraction system. All CSi Lab Systems spec hoods are UL1805 and CSA approved and exceed the most recent design criteria outlined in CSA Z316.5-94, Z316.5-04 and the latest ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2011 for fume hood air flow performance. CSi Lab Systems fume hoods also meet the rigorous electrical requirements of CSA Standards C22.1 and C22.2 No. 151 or C22.2 No. 1010.1.

Canadian Scientific's factory trained technicians will help you choose the correct fume hood or fume extraction system for your application. Our technicians can also help with installation when required, and work in complete coordination with your mechanical service suppliers.

Fume Hood types and accessories:

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