Captair Smart

Powder Weighing Stations for user protection during precision weighing tasks.

Designed specifically for powder containment applications, the Captair Smart weighing station delivers the proper airflow at the face of the enclosure and total filtration of hazardous powders or potent pharmaceutical compounds.

The enclosure is designed to allow full access to your balance and reduce airflow turbulence to maintain stability to 6 decimal places without compromising containment.

Weighing in a Filtered Fume hood?


FiltrationSimple to useSafety

Superior air filtration performance

These workstations feature:

The BE+ filter*, the most advanced molecular filter available,for ductless fume hoods. Multiple chemical types can be adsorbed at the same time, so you are no longer limited to application-specific filters or the inability to adapt to new lab processes.

HEPA H14 filters comply with the EN 1822-1 standard to provide an ISO Class 5 work environment and provides 99.995% filtration efficiency for particles larger than 0.1µm.

For even greater effeciency, choose an ULPA U16 filter to provide an ISO Class 5 work environment which provides 99.9995% filtration efficiency for particles larger than 0.1µm according to the MPPS method set forth in the EN 1822-1 standard.

*Safety is our first priority: Filtration and containement performance comply with the AFNOR NFX 15-211 standard (Class 1 and 2).

Activate the power of the Smart technology

Each unit comes with Smart TechnologyTM – an exclusive set of tools that is comprised of smart-light communicationTM, chemical sensors and real-time status.

Smart-light communication is a soft band of light on the unit that lets you know the unit is operating safely. The band of light will slowly pulse to let you know if the air flow is compromised, if there is a fan failure, or there it is time to change your filters.

 Operating time Air face velocity  filter efficiency  fan failure

Erlab’s innovative technology keeps you safe

  1. Erlab’s unique Flex Filtration can manage most lab applications
    Simple, intuitive communication by light shows the status of the hood
  3. Sensors to detect filter saturation
  4. Face velocity is automatically monitored
  5. The 6° slanted sash offers optimal visibility and an ergonomic work space
  6. Large openings for easy access to your work
Applications :
  • Containment and filtration in accordance with the NF X 15 211 standard
  • Customized study of your handlings for a qualified and certified usage
  • Automatic filter saturation alarm
  • Class 1 product : a maximal safety with a safety filtere
  • Waste port secured by a protective airflow
Performance and Flexibility of our filtration technology
  • The Flex technology, suited to a wide variety of applications, allows to trap, at the source, molecules and/ or particles avoiding risk of pollutants spreading into the laboratory environment.
  • New versatile BE+ filter with a very high retention capacity - HEPA H14 filter
Precision and stability
  • Designed to allow precision weighing under a protective airflow up to 10-6g.
  • Phenolix resin worksurfacee
Investment and energy savings
  • No ducting to the building ventilation system
  • Eliminates the energy consumption linked to the air renewal (air supply/extraction, filtration, dehumidification, air conditioning)
  • Very low running cost: energy consumption from 70W to 191W
  • No ductwork necessary, quickly set up on a bench or with a rolling cart
  • Easy to relocate
  • Protect the environment
  • No direct emission of pollutants into the atmosphere

It's time to ask more of your laboratory fume hood

Energy consumption
 Ext. dimensions
Captair 321 Smart
Inches (WxDxH)
31 1/2
24 3/8
43 3/4 (min.)
50 5/8 (max)
Millimeters (WxDxH)
1110 (min)
1285 (max)

Captair 391 Smart
Inches (WxDxH)

24 3/8
43 3/4 (min.)
50 5/8 (max)

Millimeters (WxDxH)
1005 mm
620 mm
1110 mm (min.)
1285 mm (max)

Captair 481 Smart


Inches (WxDxH)

24 3/8
43 3/4 (min.)
50 5/8 (max)

Millimeters (WxDxH)
1260 mm
620 mm
1110 mm (min.)
1285 mm (max)

Captair 392 Smart
Inches (WxDxH)

29 1/2
52 3/4 (min.)
59 5/8 (max)

Millimeters (WxDxH)
1005 mm
749 mm
1340 mm (min.)
1515 mm (max)