Filtration of Gas, Viral & Bacterial Pollutants

HALO C & HALO P Smart purifiers guarantee laboratory grade air quality by filtering all gas, viral & bacterial pollutants at the source.

HALO C & HALO P Smart purifiers deliver a high level of air quality without having to rely upon central HVAC systems while generating substantial energy savings.

All HALO units comply with the most stringent professional molecular & particulate laboratory air filtration quality standards.

Laboratory Grade Air Filtration System


Demand the best, industry certifified, fifiltration quality

Simple to use and operate

Easy to install, runs 24/7, easy filter replacement. Simple communication by light pulsations


Laboratory grade Molecular & Particulate fifiltration. Real time air quality.

Decontaminated air

HALO C and HALO P guarantees all labs, offices or classrooms air decontamination from all chemical, viral and bacterial pollutants. Halo C air purifier units (VOC, Formaldehyde, Chemplus) allow for the complete molecular filtration (compliant with NF X 15-211 laboratory grade molecular filtration safety standard) of a wide variety of airborne pollutants which can represent a health threat to all occupants.

In order to bring the best particulate filtration technology, we have equipped our HALO P purified air units with a HEPA H14 laboratory grade particulate filter or when necessary a ULPA U16 particulate filter for the most critical health risk situations.

According to EN1822 particulate filtration standard our HEPA & ULPA offer a very low particulate penetration factor and can achieve dust free air filtration efficiency of 99,99995% which is 10 to 1000 times more powerful than common air purifier units found on the market.

These filters are designed for the most complex sanitary situations. They efficiently & significantly reduce the propagation of all airborne viral and bacterial pollutants. We find these types of filters in cleanrooms and in all laboratory grade microbiological safety cabinets for the safe handling of pathogenic microorganisms.

Energy savings & air safety with a laboratory grade air filtration system

Installing a HALO C or HALO P in a lab, office or classroom ensure a high level of air quality without having to rely upon heavy air renewal systems or HVAC which can redistribute chemical or biological airborne pollutants throughout a building. Furthermore, by constantly filtering the air of the room without releasing it back to the atmosphere substantial energy savings can be achieved.

Easy to install, 24/7, does not take floor space

HALO C and HALO P air purifier units can be easily installed on the ceiling and do not take up precious floor space unlike other air purifier units on the market. They are directly connected to the building’s main powerlines and therefore cannot be accidentally unplugged. HALO units are designed to run quietly 24/7 and contribute to a significant level of air treatment per minute or hour.

  1. SMART TECHNOLOGY: Simple intuitive communication by light ring pulsations shows the status of the HALO unit
  2. Alarm contact for BMS & BAS systems
  3. Ethernet port for remote safety monitoring
  4. 4 ceiling suspension rings
  5. 8 Clean air injectors diffuse fIltered air evenly back units the room
  6. Dedicated air quality sensor. (HALO C only)
  7. Postfilter (HALO C only) | Pulse-Width Modulation controlled fan
  8. Prefilter.
  9. ERLAB exclusive modular filtration column allows for the use of any one of:
    • 3 laboratory grade molecular filters or
    • 2 laboratory grade particulate HEPA and ULPA filters
  10. Easy filter & fan replacement access chamber

Gas / vapors

Particulates / Aerosols

Detects and filters volatile organic compoundsDetects and filters Formaldehyde vaporsDetects and filters a wide array of pollutantsDetects and filter particulates / aerosolsDetects and filters a wide array of particulates / aerosols
External width (mm / in)592 / 23 1/4
External depth (mm / in)892 / 35 1/4
External height (mm / in)260 / 10 1/4303 / 12
Air flow (m3/h /CFM)
220 m3/h / 130 CFM  300 m3/h / 176 CFM
Safety Standards :*Filtration performances tested according to the AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009 standard : France EN 1822 : 1998 (HEPA H14 & ULPA U16 Filters) - CE Marking

Power consumption
50 Watt

Operating mode

24/24h - 7/7, Night/Day, Min Max detection, Detection value only24/24h - 7/7, Night/Day
Ceiling mounted
Hung via 4 eye bolts (included)
Weight (kg/lbs)
31 kg - 68 lbs (filter included)
Protected surface (m2)25 m2 / 269 ft2
35 m2 / 377 ft2