NEW GreenFumeHood®3

Advanced integrated filtration technology for Fume Hoods with built-in Smart communication

The most advanced filtration technology in the world, 50 years of research in the field of molecular and particulate filtration. Already integrated with Fume Hoods from our network of integration partners.

Unrivaled filtration capacity combined with revolutionary zero-emission technology

Neutrodine Unisorb® filtration

Universal vapour filtration for general chemistry, with large retention capacity

Energy Savings

Avoid the extra costs that come with classic ducted Fume Hoods

Optimized Lab Design

Streamlined infrastructure for a dynamic and sustainable building

Take advantage of 3rd-generation GreenFumeHood® technology:

  • 50 years of air filtration expertise;
  • Performance of new generation high retention capacity Neutrodine Unisorb filters;
  • Compliance with filtration and containment standards for your safety;
  • New generation of simpler and safer embedded technologies for optimum real-time safety;

Erlab and its integration partners invite you to consider a turnkey ecological laboratory solution which meets all your safety and containment needs.

You can also benefit from dual expertise in filtration and enclosure design with the know-how of both Erlab and its integration partners.

Easily Integrated filtration technology for fume hoods + know-how in the field of laboratory enclosures = An Innovative Technological Solution

  • Real-Time Safety
  • Reduced Infrastructure
  • Energy Savings
  • Quick and Simple reolcation
  • Zero-emission and environmental protection

Neutrodine Unisorb®, a single molecular filter for all laboratory vapors and gases.

The result of the latest innovations from Erlab, GFH® 3 is equipped with a new generation of filters: Neutrodine Unisorb®. This technology has been developed for over 12 years at the Erlab R&D laboratory. It has been tested and deployed since 2009 thousands of times, from the first trials of new filtration materials right up to the performance evaluation of these new filters in real-life situations.

Neutrodine Unisorb® greatly increases the retention capacity for the majority of vapors emitted from a wide variety of laboratory handlings. These improvements are significant for the molecules known to be the most difficult to retain with classic activated carbon filters: polar VOCs with low molar mass and boiling points.

Therefore, filter performance lifespan are improved and operating costs reduced.

Neutrodine Unisorb® performance*











Isopropyl Alcohol


...and more than 700 other chemicals filtered! Download our Chemical Listing:  Chemical Listing

The most advanced GFH® 3 technology in detail, modular filtration column

Composition of a GFH® 3 filtration column

Neutrodine Unisorb®
Safety Filter Module
No release of pollutants into the laboratory, even if the main filter is saturated
US Patent: 7,563,301
US Patent: 9,114,338 B2
Ventilation module
Ventilation regulation
Low energy consumption
Reduced noise level
Main Neutrodine Unisorb
Filter Module
Increased filtration efficiency
Single filter for simultaneous handling:
solvents, acids and bases
Unique formulation without carbon blend
No heavy metal impregnation.
US Patent: 7,563,301
US Patent: 9,114,338 B2
Particulate Filter Module
High-efficiency H14 powder filtration (absolute filter)
Air filtration system with innovative blade/gutter system for a perfect seal
Lighting module
Communicating base with daylight LED lighting module
Adaptable modular filtration column according to requirements

  • Compatible with a vast majority of laboratory procedures
  • Possibility of handling liquids and powders.
  • Quick and simple reconfiguration of filtration columns to meet requirement changes.


For handling
For handling
liquids + powders
For handling
in cleanrooms
Molecular filterParticulate filterFanLighting module

Horizontal modularity US Patent: 7,766,732

Filtration pack
Air Flow
900 - 1000 mm220 m3/h
1000 - 1200 mm440 m3/h
1500 - 1600 mm660 m3/h
  1800 - 2000 mm880 m3/h
2000 - 2400 mm1100 m3/h
2400 - 2700 mm1320 m3/h

Exclusive air filtration quality technology

A suite of air quality sensors for optimal filtration safety

The exclusive GreenFumeHood® 3 detection system consists of a network of 3 sensors, specifically adapted for the detection of a very broad spectrum of molecules. While monitoring the performance of Neutrodine Unisorb® filtration

Acid sensor:

Electrochemical sensor for the detection of acid vapors

VOC sensor:

Semiconductor sensor for the detection of volatile organic compounds

Formaldehyde sensor:

Electrochemical sensor for the detection of formaldehyde vapors

Each GFH®3 technology pack include 7 sensors for optimal enclosure containment and handling safety*

Sensor modelDescriptionIntegrated
Molecode SFiltration performance monitoring for VOC
Molecode AFiltration performance monitoring for acids*According to eValiquest
Smart online chemical assessment
Molecode FFiltration performance monitoring for formaldehyde*According to eValiquest
Smart online chemical assessment
Temperature sensorReal-time enclosure internal temperature monitoring
Humidity sensorReal-time enclosure internal humidity monitoring
AnemometerMonitoring of air face velocity
TachometerVentilator regulation and performance monitoring

A high level of filtration and containment guaranteed by the most rigorous safety standards

Filtration efficiency according to the AFNOR NF X15-211 standard

Neutrodine® filtration technology conforms to the NFX 15-211 standard, the most rigorous industry standard for molecular filtration, developed by a committee of independent scientists and specialised manufacturers.

This standard establishes the specific performance criteria which impose a maximum release of 1% of the TLV (Threshold Limit Value) of the handled products.

Containment efficiency of the enclosure

The level of containment is defined by the capacity of the fume cupboard to keep vapors within the enclosure, preventing their release into the laboratory environment. Containment efficiency is proven by tests carried out according to the protocols outlined in the EN14175-3, ASHRAE 110:1995 and AFNOR NF X 15-211 standards.

The containment standards applicable to GreenFumeHood® fume cupboards are identical to those for fume extraction cupboards.

The EN14175-3 standard

The ASHRAE 110:1995 standard

The XPX15206 standard