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PCR Workstations

Designed to fit any space, ERLAB’s biological PCR workstations are simple, practical and comfortable to use. Protect sensitive biological applications against both environmental pollution and cross-contamination.

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BIO 391 1536x1205 1

BIO 391 1536x1205 1

ERLAB’s Biological PCR Workstation Range

Complete protection for RNA/DNA amplification. ERLAB biological PCR workstations are available in 3 different models:

Simpler to use

  • ERLAB PCR workstations are made using low-porosity materials which are easy to clean. Their integrated rounded-edge work surface is available in TRESPA® TopLab®PLUS or 304L stainless steel

Safer to operate

  • ERLAB biological workstations are fitted with a high-efficiency filtration system (HEPA H14/ULPA U16) which keep you work area particle-free and prevent any pollution from reaching your handling operations. They meet the EN 1822-1 standard.
  • The anemometer monitors clogging of the pre-filter or particulate filter and notifies the user if a replacement is required. A 254-nm germicidal UV lamp decontaminates the work area between handling operations to avoid cross-contamination.