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Laboratory Planning
Design Services

Our lab planning & design team would be pleased to consult with you on your lab proposal, help you with all design considerations including detailed drawings, and guide you through every phase of your lab project from initial outline to completion.



Need installation !
We install what we sell. Our CSi factory trained installation contractors are ready to install or update your high quality workspace with minimum interuption to your ongoing activities with an emphasis on the ultimate in fit & finish.


Customer Service

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Professional Installations

CANADIAN SCIENTIFIC will install everything we supply with professional, experienced and dedicated factory trained technicians. A successful laboratory installation requires the coordination of electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, project managers and lab owners, and Canadian Scientific's installation contractors have years of one-on-one experience assisting each trade and stakeholder to complete a laboratory project on time and on budget.

Each Canadian Scientific contractor has been Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) trained and are regularily updated on The Occupational Health and Safety Act,(OHSA) for Ontario's workplace health and safety requirements. In addition, all contractor staff are trained to meet the expectations of each laboratory work site and lab safety & security proceedure requested by an owner.

Our contractors are trained to work within active labs with a minimum of interuption to ensure that your lab remains productive and efficient.

With many Canadian Scientific labs located in sensitive or secure facilities, all contractor staff have met all requested security clearance requirements and are bondable where required.

Lab Furniture
& Casework

Painted Metal
Phenolic Resin

Fume Hoods
& Extraction Systems

Ducted Fume Hoods
Ductless Fume Hoods
Canopy Hoods
Snorkel Extraction Arms


Epoxy Resin Surfaces
Epoxy Sinks
Phenolic Resin Surfaces
Specialty Surfaces
Specialty Products

Lab Fixtures
& Safety Equipment

Lab Faucets
Lab Emergency
Lab Safety
Drying Racks
Flammable Storage
Acid Storage


works with

Project Consultants

Engineering Firms


Construction Managers

Canadian & US
Lab Furniture &
Equipment Manufacturers


directly with
Facility Owners,
Managers and Staff

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