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Laboratory Fume Hoods & Extraction Systems

CANADIAN SCIENTIFIC specializes in the consultation, supply and installation of fume hoods for Canadian academic, research, healthcare, industrial and commercial laboratories. To date, we have over 5,000 fume hoods in operation across Canada. CSi Lab Systems and our manufacturing partners at AMS combine the latest technological innovation and environmental integrity. With safety as our number one priority, our fume hoods are designed, manufactured and installed with the strictest adherence to industry requirements.

Canadian Scientific Lab Systems warrants the materials and workmanship of its products for five years, with unsurpassed service installing and setting up your CSi fume hood. All CSi spec fume hoods are CSA approved and excede the most recent design criteria outlined in CSA Z316.5-94, Z316.5-04 and the ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 for fume hood air flow performance. CSi fume hoods meet the rigorous electrical requirements of CSA Standards C22.1 and C22.2 No. 151 or C22.2 No. 1010.1.

CSi Lab Systems' factory trained technicians will install your fume hood and associated items, and provide assistance for your mechanical service suppliers.

Green Solution Filtered Fume Hoods

GFH Green Solution filtered fume hoods place Canadian Scientific at the forefront of fume hood technology in Canada. Representing unprecedented safety in a fume hood with 96% less energy than standard hoods and with an operating cost that is 70% lower, businesses, high schools and institutions of higher education looking to control costs will find high utility and great savings in the Green Solution fume hood.

Through its patented Neutrodine® chemical filtration system by Erlab®, this environmentally friendly fume hood uses molecular adsorption to handle fumes from acids, solvents, liquids, and even powders with the use of a HEPA filter accessory, together or individually, all under the same green fume hood. A software package provided with each GFH fume hood monitors the hood for filter absorption, and recommended filter changes.

Determine your filter requirements by filling out our
ValiQuest Chemical Questionnaire.

Airfoil Style Fume Hoods

Series 100 Airfoil Bypass fume hoods are designed for general laboratory and research uses. This multi-purpose hood is outfitted per customer request with any number of optional materials and fixtures.

Hoods are available in 36" to 96" widths with options for customized larger sizes. General construction of each fume hood includes chemical resistant powder coated 16 gauge cold rolled external steel housing with a galvanized steel internal structure and fiberglass reinforced interior panels.

Options include epoxy counter tops, stainless steel tops & components, sash options, liner options, size options, explosion proof components, alarms and every version of fume hood fixture.

Series 600 Radio Isotope fume hood models are specifically engineered and built to handle applications involving radiochemicals. Outfitted with a one-piece 304, # 4 finish stainless steel liner and countertop with radius construction to prevent absorption of radioactive and corrosive chemicals. A 304, # 4 finish stainless steel airfoil and sash completes the construction.

Series 700 Percloric Acid fume hood models are constructed with a built-in trough to capture runoff in washdown procedures with a manual washdown feature for the areas behind the baffles as well as the duct-collar areas. Outfitted with a one-piece 316, # 4 finish stainless steel liner and countertop with radius construction to contain spills. A 316, # 4 finish stainless steel airfoil and sash completes the construction.

Demonstration & Work Station
Fume Hoods

(SWS) Solution Work Stations are designed to allow 360 degree viewing for undergraduate teaching labs. With the absence of counterweights and baffles, the SWS maximizes ambient light throughout the hood. In addition, this hood has the flexibility necessary to allow back-to-back or side-by-side configurations.

Series 200 Demonstration fume hoods provide the same aerodynamic design features as the Series 100 Airfoil Bypass hoods, with entrance from two sides in classroom to prep room settings or whenever demonstration of experiments is desired.

Walk-In Fume Hoods

Walk-In fume hoods are designed to customer specifications with custom sizing, material options and multiply sash configurations.

All fume hood options can be implemented in the design and construction of a walk-in fume hood with sash configurations from rising full width vertical sash, combo horizontal / vertical rising sash, interlocking split sash to horizontal sliding sash versions.

Hoods can be shipped pre-assembled or in knock-down form for easy shipping, installation and maintenance.

Paint (Spray) Booths
& Canopies

Paint Booths are fabricated of 18-gauge steel with a corrosion resistant, powder coat baked epoxy finish with a vapor-proof light and 2 filters set in an easy-to-change flange bracket system. An optional blower motor wired to a top mounted common junction box operates at an RPM designed to provide 100 LFM of airflow and approximately 3/4" of static pressure. Optional light and blower switches can be pre-wired to the front post area of the booth when required.

Canopy Hoods are made of 18-gauge cold rolled steel, finished with acid wash and powder coat epoxy paint. Optional stainless steel canopy hoods are fabricated of 18-gauge 304 stainless steel with a #4 smooth grain finish.

High Performance Low Flow Fume Hoods

High Performance Low Flow fume hoods come standard with all the same features as other airfoil bypass models, along with some additional innovations to set this hood apart from its competitors.

Features of the HP Series include:
- 40-60% energy savings, accomplished without compromising performance or safety.
- High-efficiency L.E.D. lighting with low maintenance costs.
- Standard 30" deep work surface for zero work space loss in your lab.

The HP hood is designed to operate economically while creating a safe work environment without compromising containment. Safely operating at only 60 FPM, air flow across the sash opening results in a 40% savings in fume hood operation costs.

ERLAB CaptairFLEX Ductless Fume Hoods
and Filtered Lab Equipment

Canadian Scientific Lab Systems is Canada's premier distributor and service provider of Erlab and its extensive catalog of filtered fume hoods, storage cabinets, laminar flow hoods, PCR workstations, complete laboratory air filtration systems, all supported by the world's most technologically advanced filtration.

Designed for use in both mobile or semi-permanent locations, Erlab's filtered products are plug-in units with minimal set-up and low maintenance.

Erlab CaptairFLEX ductless fume hoods range in size from 31" to 71" wide and have a variety of options including work surfaces, work benches, demonstration windows and electronic saturation alarms.

Erlab CaptairFLEX ductless fume hoods provide significant energy savings with no expensive HVAC systems to build, low electricity consumption and no hazardous waste disposal costs making their inclusion in your lab an instant benefit.

Click here to go to our Erlab products & accessories page.

Alsident® Fume Extraction Systems

To maintain a clean and healthy working laboratory environment a localized fume extraction system might meet the need. CSi Lab Systems recommends, supplies and services the superior quality Alsident® Extraction Arm System on all its laboratory projects to ensure a healthy working environment. Alsident has models manufactured with applications for the electronic, medical and pharmaceutical industries, laboratories and schools, with additional models designed for antistatic or chemical resistance. A wide selection of accessories are available to ensure the correct coverage for your work station safety.

Alsident extraction arm systems are engineered to safely remove from 25 to 235 cfm per arm from your lab work stations.

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