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Erlab Products

Canadian Scientific Lab Systems is Canada's premier distributor of Erlab
and its extensive catalog of filtered fume hoods, storage cabinets, laminar flow hoods, PCR workstations, complete laboratory air filtration systems, all supported by the world's most technologically advanced filtration
for chemical and powder containment.

Canadian Scientific will help you determine the correct product and filters for your application. Where applicable, CSi will also pre-assemble, deliver, set-up & demonstrate the product for maximum service. CSi offers filter maintenance service and replacements to ensure that your lab is operating at its most efficient.

Erlab ductless fume hoods provide the best protection by meeting the containment and filtration standards of AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009 filtration safety standard as recognized by ANSI Z 9.5-2012. Safety is guaranteed through the strict process of evaluating the chemicals that will be used in your hood before approving the application. An automatic filter saturation alarm is a standard feature, and Class 1 maximal safety is met with a secondary filter.

Performance and Flexibility comes with Erlab's Flex Technology. You can configure the filtration that best suits your application - liquid, powder, or liquid & powder applications. No direct emission of pollutants into your lab atmosphere. Completely mobile and easy to relocate within your lab or to a new building.

Investment and energy savings - No ductwork, blowers or building ventilation system changes necessary, your unit is up and running in minutes. Eliminates the energy consumption linked to the air renewal (air supply/extraction, filtration, dehumidification, air conditioning) related to ducted fume hoods. Very low energy consumption ranging from 70W to 261W.

The environment - Reduce your carbon footprint by not releasing any toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Disposal of the filters falls within the normal PPE process (gloves and glasses). Because adsorbtion of chemicals occurs at the molecular level, the chemicals ceases to exist as such, susequently there is no risk of chemical escape.

CaptairFLEX ductless fume hoods

Portable fume hoods featuring total filtration of toxic gases, fumes and odors for safe chemical handlings

The innovative Flex Technoloyg filtration can safely handle liquids, powders, or both. It is safe, easy to install, and provides the added benefit of low running costs. Add a phenolic resin work surface for high chemical and moisture resistance

Erlab Asura Replacement Filters

Replace your filters before saturation to ensure maximum safety

Contact Canadian Scientific Lab Systems for verification of your existing filters and supply of replacement filters

Let our Erlab chemists determine your filter needs by completing our ValiQuest Chemical Questionnaire

HALO Laboratory Air Filtration System

Provides healthier air for the laboratory by sensing and capturing fugitive contaminants

Halo is easily mounted into the ceiling and on the job 24/7 providing healthier air for your laboratory by safely capturing chemicals and recirculating clean air back into the laboratory

Utilizing the power of Erlab’s patented Neutrodine filtration technology, Halo eliminates noxious fumes while simultaneously improving the air quality of the lab

GFH - Green Solution Fume Hoods

GreenFumeHood Technology by Erlab integrated with our AMS / CSi fume hoods, outfitted with gGuard software and Erlab's Neutrodine® filtration system has created a GFH fume hood with the world's highest standard in ductless filtration

Our hoods come with all the features available in ducted fume hoods but with considerable long term implementation and operating cost savings

CaptairStore Filtered Storage Cabinets

CaptairStore filtered storage cabinets are an ideal solution for any laboratory where many flasks and bottles containing toxic or noxious chemicals pollute the lab air and take up valuable bench space

CaptairFLOW Laminar Flow Hoods

The CaptairFlow laminar flow hoods are designed to protect samples and/or products handled in the enclosure

Items placed into the enclosure are in an ultra-clean environment and protected against external contamination

CaptairFLEX Powder Weighing Stations

Designed specifically for powder containment applications, the CaptairFlex weighing station delivers the proper airflow at the face of the enclosure to protect the operator from exposure to hazardous powders or potent pharmaceutical compounds

CaptairBIO PCR Workstations

Designed to protect an RNA / DNA sample from cross-contamination and contamination from the room

The CaptiarBio PCR workstation features a HEPA H14 filter, stainles steel worksurface, and a UV light with a timer that provides the proper sterilization to protect your samples from contamination. Raising the sash automatically shuts off the UV lamp when the front shield is opened

Add a carbon filter with the HEPA filter to gaurantee that ultra clean air will flow into the enclosure

Captair Pyramid Portable Glove Bag

The Captair Pyramid is designed to protect the user during the investigation and transport of biological samples. It is a multi-function disposable glove box made of high-quality transparent PVC. Assembled in a few seconds, it can be used anywhere. The slanted shape of the enclosure provides an ergonomic working position for the user. Light, mobile and disposable, it is an ideal protection tool which can suit many requirements in the laboratory or in the field

    For additional information on ERLAB Products, please click here to consult our parnter web site at Erlab.com

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