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Epoxy Laboratory Counter Tops

Canadian Scientific Lab Systems is Canada's premier distributor and installers of Durcon epoxy laboratory counter tops, sinks, drying racks and balance tables, used in academic science rooms, research labs, product developement & quality control labs and industrial operations.
Millwork shops, building contractors and private industry prefer Canadian Scientific to supply epoxy & phenolic products to complete their lab projects.

Durcon epoxy work surfaces are molded monolithic epoxy resin. The unique process includes a special curing stage that ensures a complete chemical reaction throughout the material resulting in a uniform worksurface of the highest quality. Epoxy resin work surfaces are the prefered choice for harsh laboratory, classroom and research environments for critical areas such as chemical resistance, non-flammability, non-absorbency, vibration damping and cleanability. Color options, finished edging, marine surfaces for spill control, specialty shapes, drainboard tops, drop-in and undermount sinks, and chemical resistance accessories ensure a compete line of lab products. All counter tops are made to size with optional backsplashes, cut outs & drilling for sinks & fixtures, notches for columns and profiles, and drainboard grooves.

Canadian Scientific will help you determine the correct product for your application, offer design assistance and after-installation care & maintenance suggestions. Where requested, CSi will also use its experienced factory trained installation contractors to install your epoxy counter tops, sinks and other lab equipment to complete your projects on time and on budget. Where millwork contractors wish to install our epoxy, we provide detailed instructions, and tips for complicated installations.

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE - Canadian Scientific is Canada's leader in chemical resistant countertops. That is why with confidence we offer our best price guarantee for all chemical resistant epoxy resin countertops and accessories. We will match any verified epoxy resin distributor pricing FOB factory to ensure that you have the best price for your lab project. Whether you need one piece or an entire lab, we have you covered.

Why choose Epoxy Products from Canadian Scientific

1.     Canada's Best Price Guarantee
2.     Cross Canada installation service
3.     Industry Leading Customer Service
4.     Product Samples and On-Line Brochures
5.     Design and Product Selection Assistance

6.     Assistance with Fabrication Drawings
7.     Optional Site Dimensioning & Shop Drawings
8.     Competitive Shipping Rates
9.     Assistance with customer installation
10.   Payments from Credit Card to Term Accounts

Epoxy Colors

Black Onyx Gray Graphite
Tan Dark Khaki Lunar White
Gray, Graphite, Tan & Dark Khaki, 15% surcharge. Lunar White, 45% surcharge.

Epoxy Thickness & Lengths

1" (25mm) - Standard thickness used in almost all counter top applications
3/4" (19mm) - Used mostly for back splashes, reagent shelves and other light duty applications
1-1/4" (32mm) - Traditional thickness used mostly to match up existing older lab counter tops

Maximum "black onyx color" counter top piece size is 100" long X 62" wide. All other colors are 97" x 62".

Epoxy Counter Top Edges

1/8" Bevel with blended corners
with underside drip groove
1/4" Radius with blended corners
with underside drip groove

Literature & Specifications

  Durcon Epoxy Counter Top Catalog
  Durcon Epoxy Resin Certifications & Specifications
  Greenstone Epoxy Information for LEED Projects
  Epoxy Counter Top Design Guide & Handbook
  Fabrication Drawings Quick Guide

  Smooth-On Epoxy Cement MSDS
  Using Smooth-On Epoxy Cement to install a lab countertop
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Customer Service

• Designing a lab and need information on which counter tops should be specified?
We will help you decide on epoxy, phenolic, stainless steel, laminate, or other surfaces for your application.
• Need samples?
Canadian Scientific can provide samples in 2" X 2" packet size or larger 4" X 4" samples. All samples come with finished edges.
• Making fabrication drawings?
CSi will provide assistance to make your own drawings or as an optional service, our project management department will visit your site and prepare your shop drawings.
• Are you a millwork shop or contractor bidding on a lab build?
We will provide our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE to ensure that you are getting the most competitive price for your bid.
• Deciding on installation options?
CSi can offer either our installation guides and job photos for your staff or as an optional service, our experienced factory trained contractors will do the install for you.
• Care and maintenance?
Canadian Scientific will recommended to the end user and their housekeeping staff on the best ways to keep their new counter tops in like-new shape and appearance.

    For technical information on Durcon Epoxy Products, please click here to consult our factory web site at Durcon.com

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