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Alsident® System
Extraction Arms & Accessories

Canadian Scientific Lab Systems is Canada's premier distributor of Alsident®
and its extensive catalog of extraction arms, hoods, ceiling, wall and table mount brackets, work cabinets, accessories and alarms.

Canadian Scientific is committed to customer service. We will help you determine the correct product system size and accessories for your application. Where applicable, CSi will also deliver, set-up & demonstrate the product for maximum service.

Performance and Flexibility comes with every Alsident® product. Models are easily installed near the source of contaminates with ceiling, wall and table mounted units. Every unit is backed up with 3rd party testing documented with ATEX / EX-Approvals, ESD-Approvals, pressure drop, sound tests and capture efficiency tests.

Investment and energy savings - With low air consumption and point of activity usage, our extraction arms will reduce your energy costs and provide a safe localized work environment. Models are available to provide long term durability for use with almost every chemical and particle contamination.


Alsident® extraction arms (sometimes referred to as snorkels or elephant trunks) consist of anodized aluminum, chemical resistant polypropylene or antistatic conductive polypropylene tubes with articulated elbows and internal or external gas springs that are self-supporting and easy to fold away when not in use. Ideal for evacuating smaller sources of smoke or fumes in a lab setting where a fume hood or canopy hood would be impractical.     Read More


Alsident® extraction arm hoods come in several different materials depending on the material of your Alsident® arm. Transparent PETG and anodized or powder coated aluminum for aluminum arms, chemical resistant polypropylene (PP) or powder coated aluminium for chemical resistant arms, or chromated (TCP) aluminium or conductive polypropylene (PP) for antistatic arms.

Styles range from suction pens (for concentrated sources), diffusor pipe models (for soldering) and many sizes of rectangle and rounded hoods for light and heavy sources of gases and fumes.     Read More


Your Alsident® extraction arm can be conveniently mounted anywhere in your lab or working area. Brackets come in matching colors and can mount your arms from the ceiling (column lengths from 10" - 98"), wall brackets, or table brackets (for either permanent or portable use).     Read More


The Alsident® airflow alarm can be mounted on your extraction arm in few minutes - and works immediately. With both a visual and an audible signal, the airflow alarm monitors the optimal airflow through the extraction arm - and not only the function of the ventilation system.

The airflow alarm is a vacuum-based measuring instrument ensuring that errors such as a closed damper or blockades in the extraction arm are detected promptly. Therefore, the error can be correctled quickly maintaining a good working environment.     Read More


Alsident® work cabinets are made of vacuum-moulded transparent PETG with many design features that ensures the user's view of the working process inside the cabinet. Openings are large making this cabinet suitable for measurement and analysis processes. Various flanges available allow the cabinet to be connected to a ventilation duct to facilitate extraction of contaminated air if needed.     Read More


The flat hood kit from Alsident® consists of three parts: a bracket, a flat hood and a stub pipe.

In some cases, a flat hood kit is a good substitute for an extraction arm. The stub pipe is connected directly to the ventilation duct by means of a flexible hose allowing various positions of the flat hood kit. Originally, the bracket was designed to stand on a table, but it is also suitable for hanging on a wall.     Read More

    For additional information on Alsident®® System Products, please click here to consult Alsident®.com

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